Red Feather Boa

Book launch! >:0

From early morning to mid-afternoon, we were busy. I was left home alone to get ready while Ryan, Mum, Richard and Sax went to help set up the book store. To pass the time I took a bunch of self photographs, none of which were as full-bodied as this;

2013-03-30 09.04.38

Not like I was nervous or anything.

By time I got to the book shop, Between the Lines in my hometown, Tumut, it was too late for nerves. There were things what needed doing and needed doing now. The working crew posed for this picture before getting back to intensively hard labour, as the first of the crowd arrived;


We had Sax there in his tuxedo as well, but he must have missed out on that picture. He joined us in wearing red and black.

While we set up drinks and food (non-alcoholic wine, cheese, biscuits, cabanossi, etc), Ryan rigged up some speakers beside the counter, and cranked Parov Stelar. If you haven’t heard of Mr Stelar, check him out here. The music is very cool, and very much set the mood for the launch.

By then, guests were arriving, and after I was introduced by the guest speaker (a librarian of the year winner, Kristen Twomey, who was just as cool as custard), it was time to get down to signing dem books.


181062_10200860509943126_530936727_n (1)

Signing is most definitely the toughest part of being a published author. What to write! I did manage to sign one book at least with a picture of a rainbow and a unicorn.

Well, lunchtime came and went, and we called it a day. We had a great crowd and a constant stream of people into the bookshop. Ryan and I thought we’d wind down with a Japanese lunch. I suppose the waitress thought we were gangsters.

2013-03-30 12.56.47

2013-03-30 12.57.09

We weren’t the only ones exhausted that night. Poor Sax, out of his tuxedo, could barely keep his eyes open:

2013-03-30 20.13.59

I don’t blame him; he had the tough (self-imposed) job of eating any feathers which detached themselves from my boa.

And that was that! Now, if I’m really lucky/ lazy, I can reblog this to my writer’s blog. Thank you to everyone who came along to the book launch. You made it a wonderful morning. This song goes out to you.

About Stellar Lasers

Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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