Painting the Giraffe Red

Just before we begin, here’s a really good picture of a giraffe, from here:


Although looking at that site, I don’t really believe they created the picture, nor speak English in any way familiar to you or I. Hm.

Anyway, forget that. This week, because I am such a pro artist (lies), I was asked to give a half hour drawing tutorial at the beginning of each of my mother’s art classes. She’s an art teacher specialising in all things paint, particularly acrylic, and runs seven classes for adults per week.

Since teaching anybody anything is not a virtue I possess, I sat down long and hard to think about how the lesson would go. I needed something to sketch which would show the basic principles of using geometric figures and simple lines to create a proportional figure. Something different and interesting, that most people hadn’t drawn before, and that would take about half an hour.

Hm, I thought. Giraffe.

And so, at the end of today’s lesson, which was the first of five, we ended up with these:

2013-03-27 11.37.52

While we had a variety of giraffes in the end, everyone had a good time, or so they tell me;

2013-03-27 11.38.30

2013-03-27 11.38.50

How cute are they? Thank you to Chris and Marj for posing, and everyone for having me. Both the teaching and the drawing were good experiences.

Hey! I was also on the radio today. I did an 18 minute interview and felt very popular afterwards. To celebrate, Sax got all tuxed up, and we hit the town!

2013-03-27 15.42

And wow. Just wow. Being a “grim and shabby” dog owner, I got a kick out of this article. Ten interesting dog facts. It involves pictures of “Friend Dog” and “Jealousy Dog”. Check it out!


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