Beauty in Ruins

How cool is this:


Kalvantin Durg near Panvel, India. Just incredible. I would really, really love to go there. And then there’s this:


Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, the largest religious monument in the world, dated from the early 12th century. A city of temples…

Completely different is this lovely fishing hut in Germany;


There’s no end to beautiful things in this world. And an end, so to speak, of a thing’s original function, is sometimes the pathway to a much greater beauty. I don’t mean to say I desire an end to any thing, but there is a point when what is human-made is reclaimed, and it’s at that point the contrast between our instincts to survive and our instincts to prosper seem most perfectly balanced.

That said, also living closely in tune with your environment is also very beautiful, and far more of a goal than simply letting nature take over and drive out the humans, or after the humans have been driven out. I think as humans we have this arrogance in thinking we’re not part of our environment; because we can make structures and move around, we think we’re removed from the system. But we’re very much a part of the system. And when we acknowledge this, that’s the time we become able to live our potential as humans, as living, mortal beings, rather than something above and beyond.

To assume we are immortal, to assume we are removed, in a world where mountains crumble and oceans recede, is a very, very silly way to think.

Well, I didn’t go to Cambodia today and I didn’t go to India or Germany either; in fact I encourage you to take a look here at the source of the pictures. It’s a most beautiful and unexpected album.

Hey! Where I did go today was the radio station today. It’s neither remote or lying in ruins, but I did have a certain sense of adrenaline as I waited to speak to the host.

2013-03-26 11.07.26

All those nerves, and it turned out my interview was the next day! Oh well. While I was at the station I got to meet one of my local heroes, Harry Hill, who writes a lot of (colourful) history on the area. He’s a pretty cool guy.

On air tomorrow, oh my!

Where would you go if you could? To any one of these places, or somewhere else? How much does abandoned porn float your boat? Although if it’s an abandoned boat, it’s probably on the lake floor…

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Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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8 Responses to Beauty in Ruins

  1. lol. oh no the chair was empty.

  2. D. James Fortescue says:

    Angkor Wat is indeed an awesome place for visuals. A horror game on an older Nintendo console, called ‘Eternal Darkness’, had two levels based in a similar place named Angkor Thom. Was very spooky when being chased by nasty things in dimly lit rooms =\

    One of my short story ideas for a later time involve Angkor Wat and the ruler who built it =)

  3. A Bryant says:

    Wasn’t that the temple used in Tomb Raider?
    Looks like a nice place to visit (If you can make it up the mountain.

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