What he Said

Just a few quick ones, because I’m really behind ^^; and am forgetting what happened.

Picture of the Day 88: the GC


I run a writers’ group where every month a short story challenge is provided to our writers. At the end of the month I gather all the stories and make them into an anthology. After a lot of trial and error, I can generally put this together in about two hours, including distribution. The picture on the front is, believe it or not, a galimatius colophon.

February’s challenge was based on two themes, the first being mystery, the second being vexation. We had some great stories submitted. My attempt to not write something utterly bleak and despairing failed hard. But that’s how it is. Bleakness and despair is the reason we have the following;

Picture of the Day 89: what he said

2013-03-07 23.17.46

I don’t know what it was (drinking!) but it must have been funny;

2013-03-07 23.17.42

…or awful…

2013-03-07 23.17.51

I’m gonna go with awful. So awful Mule called the bad joke police and had Ryan taken away for a long, long time. Thank goodness.

I set the feature image for today, and I said to myself, Well if that doesn’t attract people, then nothing will. 😀

About Stellar Lasers

Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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