State Water finally decided that downriver NSW was flooded enough without Blowering Dam releasing an extra 900 megalitres every day. Fair enough, right?

The good news on our end, upriver, is that the Tumut River is finally low enough to swim/ cross/ raft on. Which of course means the island in the middle of the river, which has remained for many months unreachable, is once again free game!

2013-03-03 13.31.11

While Sax and I crossed the knee-to-waist deep water (my waist, not Sax’s), Ryan stayed on shore and… didn’t take pictures. So I really have to apologise for this. I haven’t been allowed much free reign with the camera after cracking the screen, and at any rate is seemed like a bad idea to cross water with a phone in my pocket. So I can’t show you the marvellous variety of trees making up the island’s dense forest, from eucaylpts to helicopter trees and poplars; I can’t show you the thick, tangled, green interior with its mesh of washed up trunks; I can’t show you the craggy headland facing into the oncoming water, nor the small, lovely beach at the opposite end, and worst of all I can’t show you the colony of grey-headed flying foxes sheltering in the interior trees.

So, I’m really sorry about the links, but they look a little like this, and they’re absolutely gorgeous with their soft chittering and restless daytime movements. About 18 months ago, a colony of the bats, about ten thousand animals all up, decided Tumut was the best place everrr for a new home, and they holed up in the trees at the river park. At night the colony would move in dribs and drabs and then finally a vast black cloud over the river to find food.

Since then the colony has moved on, but it was great to see these few hundred bats hanging around, chilling, doing their bat thing. They aren’t always popular animals, but seeing them crawl upside-down across branches and micromanage their position in the colony, they’re just fascinating.

Now all we need is to get into full khaki, and do a David Attenborough of the island. Ready, Sax?

About Stellar Lasers

Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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