A Good Day to Thorn Hard

It was destined to be a beautiful afternoon.

The plan was simple; a ride around east Bathurst. Ryan and I would ride to Mule’s place, where Mule and his adept partner Nyssa would join us. We’d cross over the rail tracks, maybe head out towards Perthville. Yes, we thought we had it all.

It took less than two blocks for the first flat of the day, my front tyre, thanks to a cat’s head thorn. Luckily, it was only punctured in one or two places, and I could make the rest of the ride to Mule’s place, where Ryan changed the tyre;

2013-03-05 15.12.51

While that was going on, Mule kindly posed with his new 29″, as well as his new bike;

2013-03-05 15.19.34

And Nyssa endured having her soul captured alongside her beautiful Dunlop pushbike;

2013-03-05 15.27.53

As you can see, the trip seemed destined for success. And yet… and yet we had barely stretched our legs when disaster struck in the form of a dozen cat’s head thorns in Mule’s front and back tyres.

It was a very sad ride back to Mule’s place, and this was the result;

Picture of the Day 87: Ugh…

2013-03-05 15.58.59

Yep, that’s flat all right.

You think that’s it, right? Wrong. While Mule and Nyssa were content to call it a day, and Ryan and I only rode as far as our place, Mr Shane Shanetastic himself was carving his own trails down at the river park. Perhaps carving them a little too hard, or too much in the grass, as he too ended up with both front and rear tyres flat. Ryan was called to give him a lift home and help change the tyres.

Still not satisfied he had punished himself enough for the day, Ryan then took Mule’s bike and attempted to make it tubeless… it was a futile effort. It took a long time. We did not go to space that day.

According to the local bike shops, the have had more demand for tyre changes than they can provide in the past few weeks. The cat’s head thorns are supposed to last until the start of winter. So, until then, we won’t be riding around town. We do however have somewhere very nice scoped out. Somewhere… muddy. >:)

About Stellar Lasers

Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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