There was nothing for us in town but the rain.

So we went to a different town, and also found the rain.

And so we went to Tumbarumba, and that was the rainiest of them all.

But at least there were… bears?

Picture of the Day 82: Bear Cafe * caution: bears  *

2013-02-28 13.54.56 2013-02-28 13.55.14 2013-02-28 13.55.22


Tumbarumba is a forestry town under constant threat of being washed down the river into Victoria. There are some great walks around, like the one at Paddy’s River Falls, and scenic picnic and camping spots at Jingellic, not far down the road. To drive from Batlow is made beautiful by the dense native and pine forests, and the hillside orchards.

And that’s about all I know about Tumbarumba. Our plans to learn more were thwarted by this:

2013-02-28 14.47.59

and so we decided a leisurely lunch at the 4 Bears Cafe and a round-about drive back to Tumut were in order.

Luckily we were all hungry enough to eat a bear, because that’s all we found on the menu. At first, Sax and Ryan waited patiently for lunch;

2013-02-28 14.03.14

but as time wore on, Sax’s desire for food became different, more sinister machinations….

2013-02-28 14.05.59 - Copy

Some may even say political…

saxmerica copy

Luckily, lunch wasn’t too long in arriving. Sax sat quite politely at the table and was allowed to have a piece of bacon along with his biscuits.

The rain continuing, we set our sights on what we hoped would be sunnier shores, in the form of Wagga. However while it’s true the rain cleared, Wagga was no less a macabre place. This sign, across from the Base Hospital;

2013-02-28 15.47.51

Blood only, huh? I guess I can take that on board.

And that was our exciting trip across the mountains! One day, perhaps when the sea isn’t attempting to reclaim the land by aerial drop in, we’ll return to Tumbarumba. For now, uh… stay away from Wagga. Really.

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Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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