The New Girl

Holla! Behind again -_-; Had all sorts of funny access to cameras in the past week, some great adventures and plenty of hard work done promoting the Fallouts and finishing Blackwood (now onto editing!)

To make up for this demanding absence, here is the newest addition to our family:

Picture of the Day 76: the new girl


Isn’t she gorgeous! And tiny :3 Keep in mind that is my father, Richard, holding her, is absolutely massive. Here she is again;


Because of our experience with parvo, this little one, hence unnamed, has a few extra conditions before she can come home. One, she has to be 16 weeks of age. Two, she has to be fully vaccinated. This will give her extra time with her mother to build up her immune system, and make sure she won’t contract parvo. On our part, the yard has been thoroughly rinsed and the house cleaned with bleach numerous times, many things replaced. Consulting with the vet and other official sources has let us know it is safe to have this little one in our care.

Although she’s only six weeks old now, so she has a little longer with her folks. It would be great if she could take some puppy classes with my folks. One of the best things I ever did for Sax was puppy preschool, and afterwards dog training. For teaching your dog to socialise and listen, for bonding, and (more than anything) teach you how to handle your dog, there really is nothing better.

😀 So I say, anyway. I put a lot of focus into training Sax early, because I move around so often, he has to be able to listen and co-operate. We’ve been so many places together since then, from canyons and mountains to the centre of Sydney; if I had my way, we would go everywhere together. He even sat in the interview room with me when I was being interviewed for the newspaper about the release of the Fallouts. Gosh, I’m so proud of him. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

Hmm… Geoffrey might disagree…

006 (2)


Any name suggestions for the little lady?


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  1. oh they are so precious! ….sandy, brandy, pumpkin

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