The Eagle’s Nest

Riding today and the challenge was wheelies and bunny hops. The competition was fierce;

20130218_172657 20130218_172733 20130218_172852

But not really. So in the end we gave up and went to the BMX park, a place so rugged and wild even the eagles fear to land there. It’s populated entirely by Dread Eagles, as pictures below;

Picture of the Day 72: the dread eagle’s nest;


I tried for five circuits and managed four and a half, which is a reasonable workout. Particularly in one of the corners, where the new sand laid on the weekend is still very soft, and just drags the speed from you right before the toughest part of the course.

20130218_175445 20130218_175530

We headed back around the park and out the other side, into unknown lands by the river. After a brief adventure and a near encounter with a 4WD, we ended up here;


The middle of nowhere?



About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.
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