Bringing Down the House

We began Ryan’s birthday by heading down to Brookvale on the Northern Beaches and checking out these swell bikes:

20130212_135735 20130212_135722

We even found a new bike for Ryan!


After a morning at the shops, the afternoon passed quickly, and soon it was time to leave for the trip’s main event (birthday aside): the Presets, live at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown. We caught the bus to Wynyard Station and then crossed several blocks to Town Hall, where we were in good time to catch the evening rush;


In Newtown, we had a few minutes to spare before lining up at the Enmore, so we cruised around Church Street, the park and the churches, and found the most wonderful graffiti on the churchyard walls;

20130212_183016 20130212_183135

How great are these? Seriously, if I hadn’t seen the Presets later in the evening, either of these would have made Pic of the Day easily. We Control the Spice is just such a fantastic anti-establishment non sequitur.

Leaving the graffiti behind, we grabbed lunch at Istanbul on King, who make the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, and are pretty swell guys to boot. They’re a good distance from the Enmore however, so that left us with a jog along King Street and then Enmore Street, past a great sign NUCLEAR FREE ZONE put up by the local council. As if the middle of Sydney is a likely place to build a nuclear reactor. ^^


We posted ourselves outside the Enmore. Before long the street outside was packed. We grabbed a place at the front of pit, right by the amplifiers. Light Year, perhaps DJ Light Year, was already on stage when the doors opened, putting out some nice beats;


Relaxing? Not really. Parachute Youth (link: were on next, and the crowd was already electric. “You want to see the Presets?!” “YEAH!” Everybody yelling. Dancing, singing, the vibe was fantastic.

And then the Presets came on!


Well, I was happy ^^


Kim, drums and xylophone, and Julian, keys and vocals. They were just intense. The crowd was wild for them. They played most of Apocalypso and about half of Pacifica, plus one or two older songs. When they played ‘My People’ from the Apocalypso album, it seemed like the crowd would bring the ceiling down.

Depending how soon after I post this, this link to the song will be live:

Picture of the Day 67: the Presets! A! O!


Kim could have walked in off the street. He was cool, and the crowd did anything he asked. Julian was vivid and energetic, very sexy. This was behind us:


And that’s between songs (which was the only time it was safe to turn around). Before the night was through, we shouted the Presets back on stage for an encore, in one of the most mind-blowing performances of the night. We left, ears ringing, legs aching, friends with our neighbours, electric and excited and just in awe of that intense stage presence and how great the music was. They’re a band that ask for your all, and you give it to them. Go! If you get a chance, you’ll love it.

Of course, with any concert, there is always the aftermath…


Worth every second.


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Anneque Machelle finds the best in indie sci-fi - so you don't have to. Her background in biology, engineering and fiction writing give her a Geiger counter to find the most radioactive underground hits this side of Pripyat.
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