A random bunch

These are all just quick. I’ve been so busy back and forward between Tumut and Bathurst that we haven’t had much of a chance to get out on the trails. These are from a few rides around town, and less:

Picture of the Day 60: the best we got

2013-02-05 16.37.09

And it ain’t much. :\ This was taken during a ride from our place in central Bathurst to Windradyne and out to Eglinton.

Well, that one was bad, but this one was even worse:

Picture of the Day 61: the witch’s new cauldron

2013-02-06 21.36.05

I was lucky enough to be given this cauldron I mean casserole pot for Christmas. Bill was happy to oblige in a photo, which was taken at 9.15pm on day 61. Seriously! How bad is this? I mean it’s a skull in a pot, and you can dress that any way you want to sound cool, but this photo is just plain terrible. Awful. Gosh, stop looking at it already, I’m embarrassed.

Picture of the Day 62: not Vin Diesel

2013-02-07 13.13.19

Anyone else have Vin Diesel liked on facebook? He’s well worth it. Great guy for a laugh. Anyway, this is Ryan’s take on Vin’s latest cover photo.

Aaaand some more terrible photos of what seems to be a photogenic part of Bathurst until you actually take a picture of it:

2013-02-07 14.17.26 2013-02-07 14.02.06

Better soon! Really, it couldn’t be worse… in fact as I write this I’m in Sydney and have been to Darling Harbour, Chinatown, the city centre, including some very interesting bike shops. Expect pics soon. 😀


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