We’re Culture Itself, Darling

Glass! Paper! Feast your eyes or other visual sensory organs!

2013-02-03 12.38.21

Well all right, I admit this one is mainly just paper. This fantastic, quirky display is on currently at the Wagga Art Gallery. There’s another exhibition on as well, featuring geometric designs on canvas, and bent canvases.

Thanks to Ben, who despite having been up for the past 27 hours, managed to stay awake through the art gallery, glass museum and museum and a bunch of shops.

2013-02-03 12.37.16

Ben, appreciating Aerte (you have to pronounce all the vowels).

There were a few other cool pieces in the paper display, such as these books, made of clippings, drawings, fabrics and abstract compositions;

2013-02-03 12.42.40

Moving on into the Indigenous weaving display, we found this charming little guy;

2013-02-03 12.43.28

The writing on the walls read; ‘My love for animals comes from my yearning for connection to Country’.

Bidding farewell to the art gallery, we moved into the next building at the direction of the lovely receptionist, to the glass gallery, which certainly immediately makes good on its name:

2013-02-03 13.15.24

Inside was even better. Immediately: glass.

2013-02-03 12.59.11

I’m not a big fan of sculpture, and I can’t really comment on any of them with any semblance of authority, but I did like the sculptures on the top floor. They were bright and weird and accessible in a sort of making fun of themselves way.

2013-02-03 13.03.06

and this glass harp;

2013-02-03 13.05.09

A bunch of faces on a pot;

2013-02-03 13.06.47

and this absolutely pro piece:

2013-02-03 13.07.24


However, the display wouldn’t have had nearly the touch of refinement without this next piece, the Picture of the Day 58: glass coalworks

2013-02-03 13.08.32

Fortunately for Ben, by time we reached the museum, my phone died. I’ll be back, Wagga! I know you have more!

About Stellar Lasers

Stellar Lasers is currently writing her PhD on Pokemon Physiology. To cover travel costs, she also writes articles for the Sims Big Brother Challenge. Her one weakness is waffles.
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