Garden Sunset

Today I whizzed back to Tumut for the weekend. Sax, the dog, who is staying with my parents, didn’t notice me at first. He saw my shoes. He was excited about the shoes. Then he saw me. He nearly flipped himself inside-out.

Sax walked with me while I took these photos at the end of the day.

Picture of the Day 57: the tree

2013-02-02 19.08.32

This tree, in the paddock at the back of our yard, is home to a family of galahs/ rose-breasted cockatoos. Also cicadas. These noisy creatures create a wonderful atmosphere on summer evenings, where the cicadas sing their chorus, and young galahs screech to be fed. The sunlight in this old eucalypt is always magnificent.

2013-02-02 19.07.18

The garden before the garden. The sign was appropriated by my folks when the town shire changed to a new format of signs. This is of course in following with the bizarre excess of road signs in New South Wales.

2013-02-02 19.06.51

The spiders claim the garden shed for their own!

Until tomorrow!


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Anneque Machelle finds the best in indie sci-fi - so you don't have to. Her background in biology, engineering and fiction writing give her a Geiger counter to find the most radioactive underground hits this side of Pripyat.
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