Desk at the End of the World

Monday was a flat, grimy day choked with rain. The kind of day you wish you were being dropped out of a helicopter and skiing down a mountain, not inside working.

Picture of the Day 52: What We Got

2013-01-28 19.29.01

Big things coming up soon! Abseiling in the Blue Mountains, some fun things to do around Sydney plus the Presets live in concert! If you haven’t heard of the Presets (for shame), try and .

Horses! Horses, that’s what we need. Lots of horses. Horse riding is essential to preparing for Mongolia. 😀


About Anneque D. Machelle

Anneque "Dangerpus" Machelle (rhymes with ranger wuss) is a rebel and a rogue from way out west. Strictly banned from interactions with other human beings, she spends her days amongst molluscs, dogs and lizards, whom she counts as her closest friends.
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