Risk and Rain

The siege of the afternoon thunderstorms continues! The sky was clear today until we hit Kelso – and then…

2013-01-23 16.20.56

Like death itself.  We hit Eleven Mile Drive, and for a fleeting moment it seemed we might outrun the storm (forget that we had to head into it to get home). A glance over my shoulder struck all hope from our minds:

2013-01-23 16.36.56

As we roared through Eglinton, the storm was hot on our heels. The wind was shouting at us, “Go back, you idiots!” But we had nowhere to go but into the storm itself. Across the bridge and back into Bathurst, the storm hit. Rain and hail like light artillery fire. Ryan said it was like being peppered with paintball pellets. The wind drove against us, so it was slowly and onerously we rode around the backs of houses, to a tunnel passing under the road.

2013-01-23 17.03.56

Finally we were safe from the hail. We weren’t nearly as covered in bruises as we felt. Ryan is lucky enough that his helmet has a visor; I’d copped a hailstone to the eye. Ouch! Thunder boomed overhead and we paced through the tunnel. I made a video I may upload later. If you’re into thunder and dripping water than it’s probably just your thing.

2013-01-23 17.02.14

After a while, we ventured outside. The rain continued and so did the thunder, but the storm appeared to be passing around Mount Panorama before hooking around to the north, largely missing us. On our bikes, then, to finish a marvellous ride home through deep puddles and shallow streams. The horses thought we were quite mad, and by time we were home we wore as much mud as water. In good fun, though; whether you’re riding, walking or driving, there’s nothing like ploughing up some white water.

Later that night, thoroughly scrubbed and fed, we were joined by our lovely housemates, Cam and Richelle, and the enigmatic master of perversity, Mule, for an evening of Risk/ Futurama (and eventually Transformers);

Picture of the Day 47:

2013-01-23 21.12.44

No one won. Cam went to bed and some hours later we called a ceasefire. Mule probably would have won. It was hard to tell. We essentially ended the game with as many pieces on the board as we’d started with, just in different positions. It was a war of 90 million casualties. But that’s war! And tomorrow is Hill End, a (forsaken) mining town. I can’t wait!


About Anneque Machelle

Anneque Machelle finds the best in indie sci-fi - so you don't have to. Her background in biology, engineering and fiction writing give her a Geiger counter to find the most radioactive underground hits this side of Pripyat.
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