Storm Fortress

Speaking of seeking shelter in the storm!

Picture of the Day 46: Ryan in the storm fortress

2013-01-22 16.33.35

Riding out through Kelso today, the storm clouds started boiling overhead, the lightning struck, and we knew we couldn’t go much further. At Ryan’s advice we turned up a street and called for sanctuary.

2013-01-22 16.33.04

We watched the storm rolling around the hills, greatly entertained by the children’s play equipment. Ryan cheated at the monkey bars while I struggled on the stepping stones. Our trusty aluminium steeds waited in the stables below…

2013-01-22 16.37.13

After a while, thinking the storm had gone around us, we left the sanctuary of the fortress. We were not two blocks away when it began to rain in earnest. Needless to say we were very, very wet when we finally dragged ourselves in through the door… but not as wet as this sad baby horse. </3

2013-01-22 16.16.41

Nothing is sadder than a sad baby horse. :_(


About Anneque Machelle

Anneque Machelle finds the best in indie sci-fi - so you don't have to. Her background in biology, engineering and fiction writing give her a Geiger counter to find the most radioactive underground hits this side of Pripyat.
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