Oh, the Things

Picture of the Day 21: Er…

2012-12-28 20.38

Today, I went to Wagga. Having almost finished the Sherlock Holmes novels, I thought I might need another book. Er, on top of the hundreds I already have waiting to be read. Er. Well! They were on sale! Three bucks each! Books, books for everyone!

Tomorrow I will finally get around to seeing the Hobbit (probably). Ryan is driving down from Sydney, and then the fun can really begin. Do you know, Sax is 8.7 kilograms? He should be 7kg. All this living with his grandmother is disastrous for his figure. Come on, Sax, you and I are getting fit!


About Anneque Machelle

Anneque Machelle finds the best in indie sci-fi - so you don't have to. Her background in biology, engineering and fiction writing give her a Geiger counter to find the most radioactive underground hits this side of Pripyat.
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