Frock: Bathurst Art Gallery

Picture of the Day 13: Frock: the Masters at Work

2012-12-20 12.32.26

Time for a touch of class, darling. After a delicious breakfast of cajun burgers at Elie’s Cafe and Restaurant (our attractive waiters made us feel very proper), we meandered over the lawn to the Bathurst Library and Art Gallery.

Much to Ryan’s unending delight, the art gallery was featuring a display on fashion. Fashion and fashion shows. The interactive part of the display, pictured above, included a bench at which one could take a paper doll, patterned paper and a stencil, and make their very own fashion. With such a prospect awaiting us at the end, Ryan and I flew around the gallery, seeing such wonderfully attractive and classy displays as:

2012-12-20 12.21.24

2012-12-20 12.22.36

2012-12-20 12.27.49

2012-12-20 12.19.36

But back into the interactive room. As most of the participants of the “make your own fashion model doll” were children aged 5 to 9, Ryan and I knew we had our competition cut out for us.

2012-12-20 12.17.03

But we were not to be deterred, not even when we found, alarmingly, that all of the female dolls had been taken and we were left with the slender white men. Well. Our slender white men could be as fashionable as any! We chose our patterned paper, took our scissors and glue sticks, and set about making magic happen.

2012-12-20 12.32.38

Very soon, Ryan came up with his Mister Chief-inspired model, Bob, while I kept hard at work on my hipsteresque siren of the catwalk, Angus.

2012-12-20 12.48.11

Our dolls were soon to be together, in what must be the greatest paper doll display of equal marriage rights in all of the Bathurst Art Gallery Frock Interactive Room:

2012-12-20 12.51.01

It was a great day! If you’re in Bathurst, drop by and give it a go. 😀 Man I wish I had a pair of snakeskin boots…


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