Photo of the Day 5

Bathurst from the Boundary Road Walking Track, near Mount Panorama

2012-12-12 15.53.41

Day five already?! It seems like just yesterday I was driving back from my hometown, and was struck by the perpetual state of disaster of my life. 😀 I seem to go hand in hand with chaos, disturbance and destruction.

In a life where you have 77 years from childhood to death, that is, from the time you are 11 to the time you die, life will pass you by in many phases. You have the opportunity to do whatever you want. See the world, seek a higher truth. Not religion, perhaps not even spirituality, but a sense of purpose and place in the world. Maybe you only get one chance at it, maybe not. But this is the only time you will ever be yourself. The things that have happened to you will only ever happen to you. The imprint you can make can only be left by you. The past is just a memory, and the future is full of potential. You decide your future. You make it happen in the present.

Goodness gracious me, this hasn’t even been about the ride or the picture! Well, we had a lovely ride today. Ryan and I went as usual, our good friend Mule (Sam) suggested we head east from his place, skipping the mountain. Of course, Ryan loves to ride up hills so he steered us up the mountain anyway. Mule on his girl’s bike was soon turned around by gravity, and so we bid him au revoir and continued up, up, up on our way.

Our path took us along the Bathurst 1000 racing track on the side of Mount Panorama. Not along the whole thing! We’re not totally mad. The flies were thick and furious today, as the young ones tend to be, so we settled for riding the starting straight and continuing onto Boundary Road, which essentially climbs and climbs and climbs into the stars and never stops.

2012-12-12 15.50.48

We left Boundary Road approximately halfway to Neptune, just past the archery club. This took us through rugged bushland… well, gently undulating bushland, past a researcher out for a walk hunting for cyclists, and then down the north slope of the mountain into Charles Sturt University. Both Ryan and I have attended CSU at various times. We rode around the grounds for a while, mostly deserted now that the uni year is over, before heading way downhill to our home in the Bathurst CBD. We saw a couple of big grey roos on the uni grounds.

Hey hey, Skippy! This is as close as I wanted to get. Roos are generally happy to hop away from you, but sometimes they prefer to fight, and they are mean, disembowelling marsupials when they fight. On the plus side, tomorrow is my birthday, and we’re going caving! Whoohoo! Happy end of the world!

2012-12-12 16.17.06


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